Litter Dam: Molly

Int'l JA Ch. WindSwept's Mississippi Molly
Weight: 42 pounds



Litter Sire: Jed

BISV Int'l Ch/Am Ch Idlewild's WindSwept Hot Shot, NRD

 Weight: 75 pounds


Jed and Molly had 10 lovely puppies on September 25th 2013. She had 4 male pups, and 6 females.  Jed has been our 'go-to' hunting dog since his first fall in 2002.  He is outstanding in the field and has had thousands of wild and preserve raised birds shot over him.  He will retrieve anything!  He's been a wonderful house dog as well and is exceptional with our son.  These pups will be outstanding field, family and show dogs.  What Molly lacks in height she makes up for in heart.  She's got a distinct 'on/off switch; she is go-go-go-go in the field or water but when she has the opportunity to come in the house she just wants to curls up and snooze.  Even as a pup, she loved to sit on the rug and watch me cook in the evenings.   This calm demeanor and her smaller than average size has earned her the privileged duty of defender for my son, she protects him against his 'monsters under the bed'. This litter is a 4-peat litter, and all the pups in the prior 3 litters have been outstanding!  Rave reviews from their owners about how smart they are and how natural they are in the field.  

Please email Karena at: or call, my phone number is: 218.289.0720 and Doug's is: 218.289.3988.  All of our current litter has been sold to wonderful homes.  Please contact us if you would like to reserve a pup out of an upcoming litter.

2013 Litter

Pups headed to Florida, Maryland, Louisiana, Connecticut, New York (2), Massachusetts, Pennsylvania,  Minnesota & Alaska 

2012 litter

Pups went to: Pennsylvania, North Dakota, North Carolina, Alaska, Saskatchewan, Minnesota, and Virginia 

2011 Litter

Pups went to: Connecticut, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Manitoba

2010 Litter

Pups went to: Florida, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Minnesota,Wisconsin, Nebraska, California and Colorado 

Contact Karena or Doug to reserve your puppy.  

Male pups are $650 - Female pups are $750

Contact us for details.  


You may also reserve a pup from a future litter with a $100 deposit.  We plan on breeding our female Rylee once we find the perfect match for her.  She is an outstanding daughter of our male Jed.  Our next planned litter will be in the early spring of 2014.  We may also repeat the Jed x Molly litter one last time...  It's just such a fantastic cross!